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Over the years, we’ve noticed considerable misinformation about self-publishing in New Zealand and its viability for independent authors. So we’ve published a book about it!

An alarming number of authors have come to us following negative experiences with overseas self-publishing companies. We’ve encountered authors who’ve paid large amounts of money for shipping, experienced long wait periods, paid far too much for the smallest corrections to their books, and those who’ve unwittingly signed away their rights completely.

Self-Publishing in New Zealand aims to provide the information you’ll need to make the best decisions for your book. You can publish your book locally and still produce an awesome product for a competitive price!

Self-Publishing in New Zealand

How do you publish, market and distribute a book in New Zealand?

This book demystifies the self-publishing process and provides some much-needed clarity on the topic, with information and resources specific to New Zealand. Self-Publishing in New Zealand will take you through the whole operation, from decisions about print and design, to effective sales and marketing, to getting your book into bookshops and other retail outlets. It will provide you with questions to ask your printer or publisher, and help you spot potential scams.

The face of self-publishing has changed. It’s easier than ever before to use distribution channels to showcase your work and get it into the hands of your readers. With the right resources and knowledge you can turn your writing dreams into publishing reality.

Whether you are new to self publishing, or an experienced independent author, Self-Publishing in New Zealand will help you find the best strategies to maximise your book’s potential.

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