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Writers are no longer dependent on traditional publishing methods, with a global increase in the number of writers using new digital printing technologies to produce, market, distribute and sell their books.

As one of the very first companies to offer the service, The CopyPress has been helping writers self-publish their books for over twenty-five years, and has developed a unique package for New Zealand’s authors, helping to make independent publishing easier and more popular than it has ever been.

Self-publishing / Independent Publishing / Indie Publishing: writers publishing, marketing, distributing and selling their own books, without depending on traditional publishing processes.

Independent Authors are thriving in New Zealand

Benefits of Independent Publishing:

  • You decide if your book is published.
  • You have control over the look and feel of your book.
  • You can print as many or as few books as you want.
  • You can publish a book for friends and family to leave a lasting legacy with stories, photos and documents.
  • You can publish a book with the intention of distributing and selling it more widely.
Self-Publishing in New Zealand

With more than 25 years’ experience helping New Zealand’s authors, we want to share what we’ve learned, so we’ve published a book about Self-Publishing in New Zealand!

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