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Find out how much it will cost to publish your book by completing the quote form below.

The detail we ask for might seem pretty daunting but the more information we have, the more accurate your self-published book quote will be.
The cost of printing a book depends on a number of factors including book size, cover material, the number of pages, binding type, quantity of illustrations/colour pages and the number of books to be printed. We can also find out what other ways we might be able to help you, by learning a bit more about your book’s topic and target audience.

If you’re unsure about how to complete parts of this quote form, or if you’d just prefer to speak to us in person, please call us on 03 547 2972 or 0800 PUBLISH. We’ll be happy to discuss your project and offer advice on how to proceed.

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Your Contact Details

Fill in your contact details: name, address, phone and email.

Book Size & Paper Type

Tell us what size book you'd like, and if you have a particular paper in mind.

Book Inner Requirements

Tell us who will be designing the book's pages. We'll need to know how long your book is, how many images there are, and how much of it is in colour.

Book Cover Requirements

Tell us who will be designing the cover, if you'd like any special finishes and what kind of binding you'd like.

Book Subject & Marketing

Tell us what type of book it is, and who it's for. Ask for assistance with marketing, an ISBN, barcode (see FAQs) and NZ Made Logo.

Quantity & Timing

Tell us how many books you'd like printing and if you have a specific deadline. We'd love to hear a bit more about your book, too.

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