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Since Dave and Philippa purchased The CopyPress in 2003, Philippa has juggled the demands of raising four very active children along with her constantly evolving role in the business. (Philippa and Dave’s children are now fine young adults who appear to have survived the ordeal reasonably undamaged.) So, now that she is spending less time on school related activities, or on the sidelines of football, rugby, cricket, volleyball basketball, netball or athletics fields/courts – or providing taxi services for members thereon – we now see much more of her here at The CopyPress. She is your go-to for accounts enquiries, book orders, and a mountain of miscellaneous bits and pieces. Philippa enjoys working alongside our talented designers and interacting with our happy customers. When Philippa’s not working, you’ll see her riding her bike or walking the littlest, cutest members of The CopyPress team (or checking up on what those big kids are up to!)

PhilippMacManus @ The CopyPress
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