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Getting Your Book Into Bookshops

The key is distribution.

Having good channels and contacts within the industry is invaluable – using marketing and sales in tandem.

We can market your books through email, physical catalogues, and our three travelling reps who cover nearly all of the independent bookshops and PaperPlus stores in the country.

This doesn’t stop you from buying copies of your book directly from us at your author rate and selling them independently, in fact we encourage you to do so.

Made in New Zealand

The CopyPress is a member of Buy NZ Made and we are able to use the official New Zealand Made logo on your book’s cover. This is unusual in the publishing industry, as most books are produced overseas. It’s an easy way to let readers know that they are buying a New Zealand product – bookshops love it too!

The CopyPress as Publisher, or Publisher and Distributor

Your book will follow one of three paths

Published under your own name or your publishing company name.

Published under your own name or your publishing company name.

The CopyPress as distributor.

CP Books

Published under The CopyPress imprint, CP Books.

The CopyPress as distributor.

The CopyPress as Distributor

Whether you publish under your own name, or we publish your book under CP Books, we can customise a distribution plan just for you.

  • No need bulk orders
  • No storage costs
  • No distribution costs
  • Quick response to orders
  • Ability to edit or customise books for specific clients or promos

Under our arrangements, your only expenses are the costs incurred when preparing the book for printing, e.g. editing, design, and proofing. After that, we pay you royalty payments.

This arrangement leaves you, the author, free to dedicate time and energy to marketing your book. You are your book’s best salesman!


EBook Distrubition

Our standard arrangement is to list on Amazon and the NZ ebook company, Mebooks. Our aim is to pay you 80% of the revenue received from ebook sales.

International Distribution

We can make your book available worldwide on sites such as Book Depository. We do this through our publisher account with Ingram Spark.

The Personal Touch

Our reps are real people! Not only do we send out emails and catalogues to bookshops, but we have representatives who know the business and their bookshops inside out.

What Our Reps Do

The CopyPress is represented by three individuals, Jeremy, Dennis and Gary. They cover the whole country, selling our titles to the book trade (bookshops, library suppliers and specialist stores). We provide them with samples of your work, and copies of our catalogues. They receive our weekly email newsletter, so they know what we’re sharing with bookshops directly and can tie in their presentation.

Jeremy, our friendly South Island rep, pops in every month to pick up new titles. He is very familiar with our lists, and knows the right kinds of books to recommend to different shops. Jeremy visits just about every independent bookshop and PaperPlus from Nelson to Invercargill each month. On each visit he’ll share the latest releases, and make sure they have plenty of stock of older titles.

Since getting the three reps on board, our sales have increased dramatically.

We still pay for the printing and marketing, and for the reps’ services, so none of this is at an extra cost to you.

And with more books selling, we’re paying out more royalties to authors than ever before.

Marketing Packages

Standard Marketing

(included in the publishing price)

Unlike most self-publishing companies, The CopyPress offers built-in marketing services.
We work with each author to assess the viability of marketing their book, and can offer the following options for our standard marketing package:

  • A listing on our website
  • A mention on our Facebook page
  • A listing on the international book database, Nielsen
  • A listing on Wheeler’s, a New Zealand library supplier
  • A listings on Fishpond, and a variety of other suppliers
  • A space in our quarterly catalogue, which goes out to bookshops across the country
  • A mention in our weekly email newsletter to bookshops
  • Marketing by our representatives
    An eBook listing on Amazon and MeBooks (ask us for a quote for eBook conversion)

Premium Marketing

(available for select titles for an additional fee)

We tend to go beyond the aforementioned services with books that we have assessed to have reached the standard we believe necessary to have more commercial potential. This might include extra emails to bookshops, a place on the front of the catalogue, and more posts on Facebook. For these select books, we now offer additional tailored marketing services. Here are some of the things we can do:

  • Press releases and info sheets to be mailed to bookshops
  • PR material, such as blurbs and promotional copy
  • Consultation on website and social media management
  • Additional content for your website and social media such as: author biographies,
  • book trailers, video content, author photos, and product photography
  • Offer to send your book to influencers and reviewers
  • Help with event management, including book launches and signings
  • Liaising with media such as local newspapers on articles and features
  • Targeted marketing to bookshops and libraries
  • Direct marketing to other retailers, such as gift shops
  • Custom print materials to send out to bookshops
  • Assistance with audiobook recording
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