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The Truth About Them


By Samuel Windybank

Paperback | English

5.0 (7 reviews)

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Ebook NZ$6.99The Truth About Them (Ebook)

Damien and Ali are pawns in an ethereal game of tug of war.
As a Guardian Angel, Damien has made it his goal to find a better way to defeat the daemon horde once and for all. Through his struggles he learns the history of Heaven and why God and Lucifer came to war.
As a daemon of the horde, Ali must manipulate the innermost thoughts and desires of people. However, he knows the truth about Hell and how the war came to be. He makes it his purpose to find a way to end the conflict between the two planes.
With what they learn, they are forced to come together. Two sides of the same coin – both fighting for change.


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Additional information

148 × 210 mm
Paperback | 266 pages
Printed by
The CopyPress
Publication Date
May 2022
Samuel Windybank

7 reviews for The Truth About Them

  1. Rozanne Durston

    What a great Book for a first time Author. Everything the Author was describing you could easily imagine and see. Kept me up late reading. Can’t wait for the next book from this Author

  2. Ryan Sullivan

    The Truth About Them is a very imaginative idea of what happens when we die and how life continues in the afterlife. From the beginning, the characters quickly discover that Heaven and Hell are slightly different to what we know them to be.

    Windybank is able to explain a complex and exciting theory about life after death in an adventurous way that is easy to understand and keeps you wanting to turn the page. He takes you on a journey with a thrilling finale and cleverly shares details of each character along the way.

    I recommend this book to readers who are fans of sci-fi novels, or if you’re not a sci-fi fan, someone who would like to try something a little bit out of their comfort zone with a creative and imaginative novel.

  3. Michelle Hart

    Samuel Windybank certainly has a way with words!
    Although I was initially hesitant about the genre, right from the first page I was hooked and felt I had to continue.
    When reading The Truth About Them the words are so descriptive that I could visualise the characters, places and actions in my mind. It’s a great read and getting invested in the characters and their development was easy and natural. Their quests and battles became mine!
    Fiction/ non fiction, depends on your beliefs. Certainly food for thought. The Truth About Them has you thinking, do they walk/ fly amongst us.

  4. Richard Hart

    A thoroughly enjoyable read! The Truth About Them captivated me from start to finish – I couldn’t put it down. Through his book, Samuel Windybank paints a colourful image of the afterlife and asks us to consider our own beliefs about Heaven and Hell. Following the journeys of recent entrants to Heaven and Hell respectively the reader learns of the inner workings of both realms. With each page, the characters come to life and I felt more passionate about their missions. In linking the ethereal characters to their earthly lives, Windybank leaves us wondering what lies ahead for us all.

  5. EmmaRene

    Not my usual reading but I was hooked only took two sittings!
    Awesome work Sam!!

  6. Michael

    Awesome read
    Really enjoyed it
    Best book I have read for quite some time

  7. Gerard Patena

    I’m not a sci-fi fan at all. So it truly surprised me, that once I started reading, The Truth About Them, I couldn’t put it down. It truly captivated me, and made me think twice about what happens in the after life. This book would make a great movie as well. I look forward to seeing more of what this author has to offer in the near future.

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