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The World Within Women


By Jane Catherine Severn

Paperback | English

5.0 (3 reviews)

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Ebook NZ$15.00The World Within Women (Ebook)

Within every woman who has ever lived, hidden in plain sight in the last place we would think to look for it, lies a vast and beautiful untapped resource – a design whose breath-taking elegance and sophistication has not yet occurred to us. In naming women’s four-m sequence of menarche, menstrual cycle years, menopause and mature life as a single entity going far beyond its fertility function, the femenome model makes visible, speakable, usable and meaningful the potent feminine hormonal energies that have too long been mysterious and even disturbing to us.

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Additional information

185 × 230 mm
Paperback | 292 pages
Printed by
The CopyPress
Publication Date
May 2021
Luna House Books

3 reviews for The World Within Women

  1. Neave Ross-Wallace

    This book is phenomenal – I couldn’t put it down! I felt like I was a thirsty traveler who had no idea just how thirsty they really were. This handbook shows women how to go deep and to know – not by being told or following a theory – but by stilling ourselves and sitting deep in our own experience of being feminine. In the book you find out how to look at yourself and your life through the Femenome lens which shows us that our female hormones’ are agents of change, here to grow us and bring balance back to our world.
    It was astonishing to read how our feminine design repeats and resonates with all of the fourfold rhythms and patterns in nature and that when we look at ourselves in this way we just make so much sense. I also loved how the book has moments for reflection and suggestions on how to journal and record what you are discovering about yourself and what being feminine is really about. My wish is for every woman – and men who support women to read this and bring this knowledge back into the world. We need it!

  2. Te Ruru

    Although I am male, I read this book with an ever growing sense of excitement. It is no hyperbole to suggest that Jane Severn’s “The World Within Women” is perhaps one of the most significant books of the century. Her profound and comprehensive presentation of the direct connection between the biology and psychology of women makes this a book of universal appeal. In the fourfold phase of the cycles in women’s lives, the author offers a new paradigm which will be exquisitely valuable for women, and a direct call and challenge to to a society that is based on consideration of capital gain and economic progress, rather than the humanity of women who have made all things possible on Planet Earth. Furthermore, “The World Within Women” describes a way to reconnect with the natural cycles of nature, of which we are an intrinsic part. The inclusion of easy to understand diagrams enhances this book for the reader. Severn is obviously an accomplished writer given the depth of her research, comprehensive knowledge of her subject, and her beautifully fluent and expressive style of writing. Not only does this book provide a treasure trove for women readers, but also for many of us of the other sex, who can benefit from inside information that will serve to enhance our understanding of, and relationship with, our partners and other women friends.

  3. Neave Ross-Wallace

    This book and the naming of the femenome has changed my life in the most exquisite way. Reading it I have stepped over a threshold and have claimed my whole feminine self for the first time in my life. I love the way Jane writes so powerfully and unapologetically and puts women back in charge of their own destiny and divine knowing. I hope every woman on the planet gets the opportunity to read this!

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