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The Genison Cavalry


By Sean Ackland

Paperback | English

5.0 (9 reviews)

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Ebook NZ$15.00The Genison Cavalry (Ebook)

“the American people are on a need-to-know basis and the 37th state of Genison is not something they need to know”
– Jack McCrae

Luke Sawyer is an ex-slave and former Union soldier-turned-lawman. Along with his partner, Jack McCrae, Luke is tasked with finding Charles Lee Ringo – a maniacal cult leader with a loyal army of disgruntled former confederates.
In order to capture Ringo, the pair of lawmen must venture into the secret 37th state of Genison, a technologically advanced state populated by a telekinetic alien species.


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Additional information

156 × 234 mm
Paperback | 284 pages
Printed by
The CopyPress
Publication Date
October 2022
Pulp Canon Novels

9 reviews for The Genison Cavalry

  1. Hugo Lloyd

    It’s like Django meets the Men In Black!

    A Very engaging book to read, or be read to. The characters are described in very good detail. The book is written in a cinematic style that makes it easy to read. Highly recommended for teenage boys especially.

  2. Augustino Petersen

    this book gives you the thrill you want to hear and think it’s not your usual novel as and it really gives you a awesome experience reading with such a interesting structure of the story.

  3. kyte

    best book ever, a little violent but still an awesome book.

  4. Preston Stanley

    So far, so good.

    If the first 100 pages are an indication of the book’s quality, then this book is on track to being my all time favorite!

    The book starts off at a slow burn before going full blast with each big moment feeling earnt!

    I’ve really enjoyed the villain. ‘Charles Lee Ringo’ is not your usual bad guy. Although sadistic and psychotic, what makes him dangerous is his charismatic preacher-like presence and relatable motives.

    This is also a story steeped in lore. Every main and supporting character has a compelling backstory, making them identifiable and sympathetic.

    The world building is amazing! I’ve felt so immersed by the secret state of Gension. The concept of a secret technologically advanced state has given me serious Wakanda vibes! (In a good way)

    Looking forward to seeing the conclusion.

  5. Linda

    My son is reading this book and is absolutely in love with the story – a great book for older kids young adults for a sci-fi- western – adventure

    A ‘really cool book’ Mr 12 says!

    We will be purchasing some for Christmas presents this year!

  6. Sikulu

    This is by far the best book I’ve ever read, highly recommend.

  7. Donald Jennings


  8. James harden

    This book inspired me to be more like a role model. Would read to my kids.

  9. Jan

    Action and funny jokes. Would make it a cool movie.

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