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Now you’ve seen the wonderful books New Zealand authors are producing, are you inspired to get your own story in print? We can help!

As one of the very first companies to offer the service, The CopyPress has been helping writers self-publish their books for over twenty-five years, and has developed a unique package for New Zealand’s authors, helping to make independent publishing easier and more popular than it’s ever been.

The publishing landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade and not all great books can be published in the traditional way. Our process provides an alternative to traditional publishing, and an opportunity to get stories that might not otherwise have been produced, out into the world for readers to enjoy.

Don’t forget – as well as producing books for selling, we also love to be involved in producing books that are not intended for commercial distribution. Memoirs and family history books, for example, are an invaluable resource for present and future generations!

Our vision is to make more New Zealand stories available to more Kiwis by helping authors to create the best possible version of their book.

We do everything other than hardback binding on site in Nelson and our small, friendly, team will be with you through the entire process. All our books are printed digitally, in small runs or on-demand. This results in a process that creates less waste and which has a lower environmental impact to traditional printing.

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