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One Woman’s Journey to Unconditional Love


By Julie Cooper

Paperback | English

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Imagine a dove with no feathers on its wings, and gradually as you read through this book, the feathers begin to grow, and when you reach the last page you see a white dove in full flight. The perfectly formed dove is surrounded by a pure, golden glow of love and light energy, radiating with peace and compassion for all life.
This is the story of my life and my truth, and how I came to understand unconditional love and learn not to reactively judge from my mind, but to live with an open heart. I share my experience of learning about and understanding how physical life works in my body from an energy perspective, and how I was restored through the spiritual and sexual healing energy of love.

I was raised as a farm girl in New Zealand, growing up dealing with the tough stuff and the good stuff. I share my insights about awareness and consciousness and that which is authentic and true in life. I tell of my transformation from the dark into the light — living with health and happiness and not with disease and sadness – and living, loving and experiencing life to the fullest.


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148 × 210 mm
Paperback | 110 pages
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Julie Cooper
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The CopyPress


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