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In Memoriam – Mission Ground Cemetery 1840-2010


By Joan Leversedge

Paperback | English

5.0 (1 review)

Nestled under Whangarei’s Western Hills, bordered by a trickling stream, the leafy park at the end of Selwyn Avenue showed almost no sign of its origins until the early 21st century.

At the little cemetery, in use from around 1852 to 1940, lie many of Whangarei’s earliest European residents. Originally known as Waiarohia or Rust Lane, the cemetery was later officially named Mission Ground. All through the seventy years since closure, descendants yearned for the names of their forebears to be inscribed on a memorial.

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210 × 297 mm
Paperback | 268 pages
Publication Date
Whangarei District Council
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The CopyPress
Regional Interest

1 review for In Memoriam – Mission Ground Cemetery 1840-2010

  1. Jackie Stoddard N.D

    This History of early Pioneering people of Whangarei is an interesting read for any history buff, those anywhere in New Zealand wondering what the lives of early immigrants was like;
    and more so for those who have ancestors living in Whangarei in the 1800s. I have ancestors in Mission Ground, I enjoy reading about all the profiles, I believe anyone would.
    In Memoriam is a insight into the lives, and difficult ship journeys of immigrants, often 3 months, amid stench and disease, coming to a new lifestyle of hard work preparing land for living, and what they made with their lives here. Joan Leversedge has done an incredible work here with long term extensive research and compilation.
    there are 3 books in the In Memoriam series, all 3 are an interesting read.

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