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Finding PAPA


By Pam Williamson

Paperback | English

5.0 (2 reviews)

In this delightful allegory we meet Nutmeg, Papa’s favourite singer. Although Meg enjoys her singing role, she is desperate to leave the Kingdom and enter the mysterious Other Realm so she can return as a Shining One. Papa, however, not wanting to lose her, is reluctant to let her go. We follow Nutmeg as she wins Papa over and leaves for a preliminary guided tour of the Realm on the other side of the Door. With Ruach, the True Spirit as her teacher, she learns keys which may help her become a Shining One. But, does she have a future in the Other Realm and will she finally choose to go after all?

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Additional information

130 × 200 mm
Paperback | 86 pages
Printed by
The CopyPress
Publication Date
November 2022
Toru Patiki Ltd

2 reviews for Finding PAPA

  1. Tania O’Regan

    The author of Finding PAPA has created a story that pulls you in and captivates you with the promise of unveiling truth which I can only compare as ‘deep calling unto deep’. The main protagonist, Nutmeg was someone I wanted to champion on even when she said things or made choices that could be seen as frustrating but that is the beauty of Nutmeg, she’s in all of us at some point in our personal journey. This story is very profound in the simplest intricate way (I know that statement seems to cancel each other out) and doesn’t make sense, but to me it makes perfect sense. This is the gift of the authors story telling, pulling you in and you realise as an afterthought that you’re still holding your breath before the long exhale.

  2. Malcolm

    This book is a great read! This story contains so many allegorical references to Biblical truths, it will leave the reader encouraged and “spurred on” to achieve the two most meaningful aspects of life as a believer – to find “Papa” and to love Him. I highly recommend this book.

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