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Wednesday 25th March, 4:39 pm.

As you will have seen, New Zealand is going into lockdown from midnight tonight. That means we’ll be changing the way we do business for the next month and engaging work from home mode.

Our designers have taken their computers home will be continuing their work on customer books. If you need to contact them, please do so by email. We won’t be able to print or bind any books over the next four weeks, but we can certainly get them ready for the next stage. If you have any new projects you’d like to get underway during this time, we’re still available to help you. For any enquiries, please contact Dave at

Likewise, any commercial design work will still be going ahead. Again, we can’t print anything right now, but we can get it ready to go.

You can still place orders through our website. We will fulfil those orders once the shop is back up and running. As essential as we think books are, they’re not worth spreading COVID-19 for, so we appreciate your patience.

If you would like any marketing advice for an upcoming book, or a book you’ve published with us in the past, please contact Holly at

Take care, everyone. Stay home and stay safe.

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