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It’s that time when we reflect on the past year and decide what we can do better in the next one. Here are some things to work on as a writer in 2020.

1. Read more

All the best writers I know read widely and voraciously. Reading widens your perspective and vocabulary, gives you a better sense of story structure and can inspire you to write. I suggest setting up an account with Goodreads. It allows you to set up a reading goal for the year and track your progress.

2. Write more regularly

Many people will suggest that you need to write daily to be a good writer. Unfortunately, that is unrealistic for many of us. Instead, try setting up a regular time or times during the week to write. Just like going to the gym, consistency is more important than frequency.

3. Join a writing group

If you need someone else to keep you accountable for your writing, a local group is a wonderful option. These vary from casual meetups and chats to more structured sessions where attendees are required to bring along something to share. The New Zealand Society of Authors has a list of established writing groups on their website.

4. Banish perfectionism

Perfectionism can be paralysis for writers. While it is admirable to want your book to be the best it possibly can, don’t let it prevent you from starting. Remember, you can’t edit a blank page, but even the worst writing can be edited and reworked.

5. Make a marketing plan

I’ve said in previous blog posts that marketing is perhaps the most challenging part of writing and publishing a book. Having a marketing plan for the year can help to keep you on track to meet your goals. Include things like key dates for publicising your writing, publications to reach out to and social media strategy.

6. Start a blog

Regular blogging, while challenging, can be a wonderful way to keep up your writing. It can also help to build a following and increase your ranking on Google. Non-fiction authors can use a blog to share expertise on their chosen topics, while fiction authors can write about their process or review books they’ve been reading. 

7. Publish a book

This is perhaps the ultimate goal for many authors. If you need help with this, take a look at our blog. We have a range of resources on the topic. Alternatively, get in touch with us. We can help you with the next steps.

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