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At The CopyPress, we help authors on all sorts of different projects. One of our biggest categories is hunting and the outdoors. In the past few years, the demand for hunting stories has increased. There has been something of a vacuum in this area due to changes in publishing. As we’ve printed, published and/or distributed these New Zealand hunting books, the demand has only grown. We’re keen to get more of these books through the doors, so if you have some yarns of your own, let us know.

Here are some of the hunting books we’ve helped with:

An Outdoor Obsession

This is the latest hunting books we’ve had a hand in. An Outdoor Obsession is a series of stories from John Eason, taking the reader across New Zealand from Te Urewera to Stewart Island. It includes over 200 colour images which really bring the outdoor experience to life. An Outdoor Obsession is an example of a book that has taken off with our sales reps. We were getting orders for it before the book was even finished.

Helicopters and Venison

Brian Conroy’s first book, Helicopters and Venison was a runaway success. This is an example of a book that was initially destined to be a title for Brian’s hunting network. Dave saw more potential in it and helped Brian connect with an editor to polish up the manuscript and turn it into something that still had the same essence, but would be more marketable to the book trade.

The book did so well that two years later Brian published his second book, Forgotten Years, another bestselling title. Brian still sold copies within his network, while we focused on the book trade. The combination was a winning formula and two great New Zealand hunting books.

A Twist in the Tail

A Twist in the Tail was so successful that we’re printed and distributed not one but two follow-ups. Mitch’s matter-of-fact tone and dry sense of humour really appeal to his target market and they continue to be strong sellers across the country. These are small books of short stories which are fun and easy to read.

Mitch has been prepared to think outside the box to sell more books, taking his titles to places like hunting shops and a variety of other retailers outside the book trade


Interested in sharing your hunting stories? Get in touch with us. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or a complete newbie, we can help you to get your story told. We not only print your book but assist you at every step and help you to get your book into bookshops through our built-in distribution service.

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